1st November 2012

Thought I would share with you some tips for super soft skin and spot free! I have been eating healthier and want to share with you that it works, I still indulge with sweet and sugary foods but in-between I make sure that I eat lots of healthy foods. Firstly drink Cherry Juice, have raw carrots, blueberries, apples, almond nuts and sometimes the odd Banana and this has massively improved my skin. I always say drink lots of water but I have not drunk much water and just eaten the good foods. It has taken a few weeks but people have started to comment on my skin and feels so soft. So if you want perfect skin for your wedding, special occasion, festive season then start doing what i am and will continue to do as I can speak from experience. I have not had any expensive face creams just my usual E45.

The skin makes such a difference to make up, as foundation sits better on the skin also your eyes sparkle and this makes the overall finish beneficial to you. As when i do Bridal trials I come across lots of clients who have not really looked after there skin and thinks make up will make them glowing and look wonderful, but it has to come from you, eating healthy and moisturising is so important, as make up does not work miracles it enhances your features what are already there so good skin comes from you not the coverage of a foundation.

I want to clarify some information for next year. If I travel to different areas which I do on many occasions, for instance, Ripley,Newcastle,Thirsk, Hull, Harrogate and other areas outside my radius, during the bridal season when this is my busy time I must stress that if you want me for just the one job (bride just wants the makeup) I will have to turn down the job the reason being I have drove up and down the country to clients who only want this and really not beneficial. I do charge towards petrol but having done these sort of jobs this year I have to make the change for next year, out of the busy season this is not a problem but with so many people wanting to use my services I have to have a minimum x 2 clients. Please also note this information applies if you require a trial. I offer this service outside my radius as lots of areas do not have make up artists and some artists do not travel, so I am offering this to clients as I know how some people struggle for an artist.