Valentines Make up & Skin Types

 Skin Types

Radiance in skin? We all want that, how do we get this?

Regular exfoliation, good skincare routine.
Oily skin: Try not to over exfoliate, suggest twice a week but no more.
Dry skin: Skin that is routinely exfoliated will benefit and accept moisture better.
Men can also benefit with exfoliation!

Redness in the skin? This can flare up due to various reasons: Weather, Stress, Diet(spicy foods). This affects adults between the ages of 30-50 years, mostly is across the centre of the face. Use colour correctors to knock out the redness on the skin, use products with Antioxidants as this keeps redness at bay. This condition can run in the family but other factors can cause this, for instance, sun damage, sometimes water can cause this.

I decided to write this on the blog as come across clients who have needed to identify there skin type and not always using the right products for there skin.

Valentines Month!

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