Eyelash Extensions for weddings

 Eyelash extensions for Weddings

The stunning alternative to eyelash extensions!
I have to share this amazing procedure what i have done now and if any brides are getting married and do not want lash extensions etc then this is for you. I always use to wash false lashes and never again after having this treatment. They say it lasts 6 weeks but have to say more like a month it lasts for. LVL is an alternative to lash extensions that provides your clients with longer looking lashes without the need for lash extensions or harsh perming techniques. Each treatment takes about an hour and i have my done at a local salon in my area. Most beauty salons offer this now and charge around £40 approx.

Bought the new Clarins Double Serum which everyone in the beauty industry had gone on about, which has been recently launched,to be honest I not sure if i have noticed a difference. Costs £55 and do not think i would buy again. Even though i am a fan of Clarins.

Been so busy lately, done lots of photoshoots and loads of weddings, covering Sheffield, Barnsley, Went bridge Pontefract, Leeds, Halifax, Harrogate. Still waiting for some images of the brides regarding there wedding day to add to my portfolio. So any brides I have done are reading this please send me some images.