Fake Tans

This time of year where we all want to have a bit of colour, so picked my own favourite brands.

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder – Matte finish and lasts all day and works with most skintones.
Xen Tan, self tanning – does not streak, smells pleasant and easy to apply and delivers an excellent colour on all skintones.
Charlotte Tilbury – Works for lips, cheeks, for a natural sunkissed look and popular with A list celebrities!
This works Energy Bank Sun Flash – Enriched with vitamins and Hyaluronic acid- gives a plumped skin which radiates a glow. Not cheap at £28 but a nice treat!

Great skin secrets

Does not have to be high priced brands. Just simple steps that will make it effective for your skin. Be realistic there are no miracle cures but good diet, genes and a good skincare routine. A good anti ageing cream you can get on prescription called Retin-A a vitamin A Ointment this is also good for acne prone skin. Lessoning of Pigmentation and wrinkles. It boosts collagen production and speeds up cell turnover. Please be aware can cause redness and peeling so that is the downside of this ointment. Also try and find a night cream what has Retinol in the ingredients.

Invest in cloth face masks formulated to deliver a quick surge of moisture to the skin.

Lean protein is vital for the diet to help build muscle but an essential for our skin. This boosts your skin of elastin encouraging body to make new cells and repair damaged ones.

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Tired skin and feeling you have no energy?

Simple as eating healthy, drinking healthy, exercising and managing your stress.

Check with your GP if you may possibly have low blood iron (anaemia), check for diabetes, depression,thyroid problems?

Try not to skip breakfast, cut back on sweet things, eat small regular meals to keep your body energised. Opt for high protein meals, lean meats, nuts and seeds, eggs, coconut oil to help rebalance your blood sugar and curb the cravings. Fresh fruit and green vegetables. Take vitamin B 12, Vitamin C and Omega 3 oils and flaxseed oils.

Cut the caffeine and six to eight glasses of water a day.

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Wedding Make Up, Smokey Eye

Recent image of a wedding, the client wanted a dark smokey eye, with a natural lip colour and false eyelashes. I used Clarins foundation, Mac and Estee Lauder eye shadow and Benefit Lipstick.

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Personal Training

Wanting to get that leaner fitter body? Are you a gym novice, been training for a while without getting results or just lacking in motivation to train yourself? Let me help you to reach your goals quickly with my tried and tested formula towards training, dieting and supplementation. With four years experience of body building training! Studying my PT course, I have knowledge to get that leaner, fitter look than what your average gym instructor/PT’s offer.

I am offering a discounted package from February 2015 to June 2015,due to starting my PT business along side my Make up business.

Want that dress to fit for your wedding, going on holiday and want to be confident in your bikini? Then get in touch to discuss your needs. I do not go down the traditional route of cardiovascular and Boot Camp training, what every other PT seems to do, you will be working doing weights to burn the calories and tone and shape. I train at two gyms and you can come and train at my gym or I can come to your gym. This includes a diet plan. You will be working with myself who has competed in Amateur Figure contests. Current 3rd in Great Britain NAC Championships over 40’s category and at the moment training to compete this summer so you will be getting expert advice from my knowledge of training and diet.

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close up 2

Vitamins and Oils for the Skin

Having recently purchased flaxseed oil,this is to help get my fats in for my diet with regards my training, I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin. My skin is soft, less blemished and seems more taut, maybe it is coincidence but I have always struggled with blemishes, especially hormonal spots. So I am assuming it is this oil what is contributing to my spot free, smooth skin. So maybe worth investing in this if clients are looking to improve skin tone. I have been on this product for about a month taking twice a day with my meals. I do know you can buy in capsule form from Holland and Barrett too as the taste is not very pleasant.

Drinking green tea is also a great way to detox the skin, I drink this about three times a day in between drinking water which as you know is a contributing factor to clear skin.

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Personal Training/Fitness/Make Up

Just an update on myself. I am a keen body-builder and competed once before and looking to do it again this year. I have learnt so much with regards nutrition and training and looking into gaining a certificate in Fitness. My knowledge of this industry makes me want to learn more and start a career in it, and to start making this a business, I will still do my make up as my main role but possibly I want to offer a personal training to clients. This is what I aim to achieve this year.

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Wedding Planning/ Make up Bookings

January is a time for people to start thinking about the planning of their wedding. Normally clients book the photographer, church, venue etc first then think about hair and make up.  Make up trials should be done sooner rather than later.  Just in case you decide to make any changes and happy with the look and can also guarantee the wedding date is free for the make up artist.  If you are thinking of booking an artist please make sure the date is available then make sure you and the artist book a trial and then once the trial is done and the client is happy then the date is secure.

Make sure that for the trial skin is prepared before this.  When I say prepared I mean looked after as this time of year skin is dehydrated from central heating and the cold weather. So lots of moisturise, serums and a good night cream, healthy diet and water. Green tea and dandelion tea is a good detox.  Stay of the booze or keep to a minimum.

Next blog I will write about vitamins for the skin and body.

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 Wedding Trials

Quite a while since i did my blog, been having some updates to my website so i have made small changes and will constantly be updating with images of my work when i get them sent by clients.

I am writing this blog about trials. It is imperative that when a trial is done that ideally the ‘bride to be’ wears a white top or tee shirt so can get an idea of make up as when i turn up on trials and someone is wearing a bright top if reflects the make up and not a true reflection of how you may look on the day, so white top no bright colours and no black tops ideally. I would recommend also you take a photo of the make up outside and this gives a true reflection on how will look on the images on the day.

Rather than try to explain at trials looks you like just show an artist some images. Not often make up looks the same as what is shown on catwalks and magazines but gives an artist an idea of what clients are aiming for.

Do not have the mistake of having a great make up look and not concentrate on your body. Invest in a soft shimmer or body lotion for the day to give your skin a polished look, especially on your decolletage and shoulders.

If clients are interested in my services i cover areas all over the Yorkshire and Lancashire region, including, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford, Hull, Barnsley,Manchester and all over surrounding areas. I do charge travel but please advise me when contacting me so i can work out petrol costs if over a 10 mile radius from Halifax.

 Lashes for Weddings

If you are interested in my services for any occasion please get in touch. I cover all areas, Manchester, Yorkshire, Sheffield, Barnsley, Liverpool and any other areas where you require a make up artist. Please be aware I have to charge travel costs if outside my radius. Please contact me for further details if want to know the cost of how much I would charge.

Discussing beauty products and had party lashes on for the Christmas period. I personally do not do these but had them done at a beautician and they last for about a week so if any brides do not fancy the strip lashes, have the party lashes as they do not damage your lashes as they are not on your lashes long and also give a lovely definition to your eye and able to give you peace of mind to clients who worry about strip lashes. Please do note that strip lashes are just as long lasting for the actual wedding day.

With the discussion of lashes I have been trying castor oil on my lashes to promote growth and condition lashes. As like hair on your head lashes do need conditioning. So worth investing in a bottle of castor oil and also put it on your eyebrows as conditions these too.

Looking for a good false tan instead of foundation then i have been trying Lancaster, tinted sunless tan. I highly recommend this for an instant tan and creates a smooth and natural finish. I bought mine in the duty free at the airport but you will be able to most likely purchase this on line.